Lip lines anti-wrinkle injections

Best lip lines anti-wrinkle treatment in Garland, Sunnyvale, Mesquite, Forney, and the DFW area, TX.


Lip lines anti-wrinkle injections

Lip lines anti-wrinkle injections Overview


Do you have vertical lip lines? These lines can make you feel self-conscious about your smile and make you look older than you feel and are, but you can reclaim a smooth, youthful pout with Peak Life Health's lip lines anti-wrinkle treatment in Garland, Sunnyvale, Mesquite, Forney, and the DFW area, TX.

Our skilled medical team offers this innovative, non-surgical treatment to soften lines and wrinkles around the lips, restoring a refreshed, rejuvenated look to this delicate area. They will not dictate your confidence anymore.

What are Lip Lines?

Rhytid is a medical term for the creases, folds, and wrinkles that form on the skin as we age.

Lip rhytids are vertical lines that appear above and around the lips. They are caused by a variety of factors that lead to decreased volume and structural integrity in the lips and surrounding area over time:

  • Depletion of collagen and elastin in the skin, which provide firmness and elasticity.
  • Loss of fatty volume in the lips themselves, causes them to appear deflated.
  • Repetitive motions of the muscles around the mouth from pursing lips, smoking, drinking from straws, etc.
  • The volume loss and repeated creasing allow vertical lines to etch into the skin gradually.

As we get older, our skin gradually loses its youthful elasticity, strength, and moisture content. The skin's internal support structures break down, resulting in a thinner and more crepey texture over time.

In addition to the natural aging process, certain habits and environmental exposures can worsen lip lines:

  • Smoking
  • Excessive alcohol consumption
  • Prolonged sun exposure and UV damage
  • Dehydration and lack of moisture
  • Not getting enough sleep
  • High levels of stress and anxiety

While wrinkle formation is inevitable, there are preventative steps and treatments to minimize the depth and impact of lip lines.

Why Choose Upper Lip Lines Anti-Wrinkle Injections?

Our providers use targeted neuromodulator injections like Botox to address the underlying causes of vertical lip lines:

Tiny amounts of Botox are precisely injected into the muscles around the mouth area. This temporarily relaxes the repetitive muscle movements that cause creasing and wrinkling in the lip area during expressions like pursing, smoking, or drinking from straws.

Botox injections effectively smooth and soften vertical lip lines, prevent future wrinkling from forming due to repeated lip movements, and provide natural-looking results without restricting your ability to move your mouth normally.

Your medical professional may also recommend treatments to improve overall skin quality in the lip area, such as:

  • PRP (platelet-rich plasma) injections to boost collagen creation.
  • HydraFacial or other hydra dermabrasion to deeply exfoliate and hydrate.
  • Non-ablative fractional lasers to gradually build collagen and improve texture.
  • Combining multiple modalities, like lasers with fillers or injections, for optimal results.

At Peak Life Health, we offer the best treatment for upper lip wrinkles in the DFW area, TX.

Benefits of Our Treatment for Wrinkles Above Lips

  • Smooths out vertical dynamic wrinkles caused by repetitive lip movements like pursing.
  • Reduces the sharpness of the lip lines that are etched above and below the lips.
  • Restores a refreshed, line-free, rejuvenated look to the entire lip area.
  • Prevents future vertical lip lines from forming due to repeated muscle contractions.
  • Provides natural results that don't restrict typical lip motions like drinking, smoking, etc.
  • Quick 10-15 minute in-office treatment with no downtime afterward.
  • Long-lasting smooth results that can be maintained for 3-6 months per treatment.
  • May gradually build collagen and elastin over time for improved skin quality around lips.
  • Safe, non-invasive procedure with essentially no risk when done by qualified experts.
  • Works well with other forms of lip rejuvenation like fillers for comprehensive anti-aging.

Am I a Good Candidate?

Men and women with any degree of lip lines may be candidates for anti-wrinkle injections if they:

  • Want to address dynamic or static wrinkles around the lips.
  • Are in overall good health.
  • Have reasonable expectations regarding the temporary nature of results.

Our Safe Treatment Process

During your initial visit, you'll have an in-depth consultation with one of our skilled medical professionals or Dr. Raman Dhillon herself. This allows us to:

  • Evaluate your facial anatomy, degree of lip wrinkling, and areas of concern.
  • Understand your goals for a smoother, more refreshed smile.
  • Develop a customized injection strategy tailored just for your facial muscles.
  • Determine the amount of product needed for ideal, untouched results.
  • Explain the treatment process and provide detailed pre/post instructions.
  • Answer any questions you may have about concerns, downtime, etc.

On the Day of Your Treatment

  • You may opt to have a topical numbing cream applied for enhanced comfort.
  • Your medical professional will carefully mark the specific injection sites around the lips.
  • Using an ultra-fine syringe, they will precisely administer the Botox into the targeted muscles.
  • The quick 10-15 minute treatment is nearly painless, with just a mild pinching or stinging sensation felt in the injected area.
  • There is no recovery period or downtime needed - you can resume normal activities immediately after leaving our office.
  • You may experience minor side effects like swelling, redness, or bruising around the injection sites, but these are temporary and should dissipate within a few hours.


The full relaxing effects of your lip line Botox injections will become apparent over the next 1-2 weeks as the product fully integrates:

  • Dynamic wrinkles will start smoothing out in 5-7 days as muscle movements are restricted.
  • Static lines will gradually soften and release their tightness over 2-4 weeks.
  • Your provider may recommend a two-week follow-up to assess results and decide on any additional injections needed.

Routine maintenance injections every 3-6 months are recommended to retain your smooth, wrinkle-free, and rejuvenated lip area long-term. With consistent treatment over time, you may even notice an improvement in your skin's thickness and textural quality around the mouth.

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