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Cheek augmentation

Cheek augmentation is a cosmetic procedure designed to enhance the contours and fullness of the cheeks, contributing to a more youthful and aesthetically pleasing appearance. This procedure is commonly sought after by individuals who desire more defined cheekbones or who have experienced a loss of volume in the mid-face due to aging.

There are various methods for...

Cheek augmentation is a cosmetic procedure designed to enhance the contours and fullness of the cheeks, contributing to a more youthful and aesthetically pleasing appearance. This procedure is commonly sought after by individuals who desire more defined cheekbones or who have experienced a loss of volume in the mid-face due to aging.

There are various methods for cheek augmentation, with one of the most popular being the use of dermal fillers. These fillers, often composed of hyaluronic acid, are injected into specific areas of the cheeks to add volume and create a lifted, more sculpted look. Another approach involves the surgical placement of implants to achieve a more permanent enhancement.

Cheek augmentation is a minimally invasive procedure, typically performed on an outpatient basis. Patients may experience some swelling or bruising after the treatment, but these side effects are generally temporary. The results of cheek augmentation are visible almost immediately, and the procedure offers individuals a quick and effective way to enhance facial symmetry and restore a more youthful appearance.


One of the earliest areas to show visible signs of aging is the mid-face region. As we get older, the cheeks gradually lose their full, smooth, high-positioned volume and youthful structural support - leading to a deflated, flattened, sunken, or poorly defined appearance. This age-related volume loss in the midface can create a tired, stern, or prematurely aged look.

At Peak Life Health, we specialize in providing the latest advanced cheek augmentation treatments in Garland, Sunnyvale, Mesquite, Forney, and the DFW area, TX. These treatments revitalize your facial aesthetics and turn back the hands of time. Our extensively trained aesthetic team offers customized cheek rejuvenation solutions tailored to your needs and facial anatomy. 

What is Cheek Augmentation?

Cheek augmentation refers to cosmetic procedures designed to restore a smoother, fuller, and more projected appearance to the mid-face by adding volume back into the cheek area. Several factors contribute to the visible effects of age-related depletion of midface volume:

Loss of Fatty Volume

As we get older, the once-plump fatty tissue pads in the cheeks gradually become thinner, maldistributed, and lose their smooth, full appearance - creating a deflated, sunken, or hollow look.

Facial Bone Resorption

Over time, the dense cheekbone structure, along with the surrounding bony orbital rim and maxillary architecture, can lose significant projection, definition, and mass due to natural resorptive processes that occur with aging.

Descent of Facial Soft Tissues

The ligaments, musculature, and soft tissue elements that provide structural support to the mid-face slowly become lax over time. This leads to an inward and downward descent of the overlying fat pads and skin, creating a sagging, drooping, or jowling effect.

Reduced Collagen/Elastin Levels

Diminishing levels of the proteins collagen and elastin - two proteins crucial for maintaining skin flexibility - allows the skin and surrounding connective tissues to become increasingly lax. This loss of elasticity accelerates the development of sagging, jowling, and the formation of deep creases, folds, or lines in the mid-face over time.

By augmenting and restoring volume along with re-establishing structural support in the cheek area, you can lift, firm, smooth, and redefine your natural bone structure along with the overlying soft tissue facial elements. This rejuvenating process restores a fuller, higher, and more youthfully contoured mid-face appearance.

The Benefits of Cheek Augmentation Treatments

There are many potential benefits to undergoing customized cheek augmentation and facial rejuvenation with our experienced treatment team:

Restore a Youthful Facial Aesthetic
Added volume helps to re-establish the firm, smooth, and youthfully high position of the cheeks - creating an uplifted, naturally refreshed look that appears years younger. The whole face looks brighter, rejuvenated, and more vibrant.

Enhance Definition
Whether you never fully developed prominent, well-defined cheekbone contours in your youth or simply lost definition over time, cheek augmentation allows precise sculpting to re-create an elegant, chiseled shape in the mid-face area.

Diminish Lines and Folds
Deep nasolabial folds (laugh lines extending from nose to mouth), marionette lines, and various facial creases often appear more etched and pronounced due to mid-face volume depletion. As youthful cheek volume and support are strategically restored, these bothersome lines and folds become smoother and less severe.

Improve Facial Balance and Harmony
By augmenting the cheeks to their proper positioning and restoring structural support, our providers can bring your facial features into harmonious, balanced proportion - achieving improved overall facial symmetry between areas like the cheekbones, eyes, nose, and chin.

Boost Confidence
Looking naturally refreshed with a revitalized and more youthfully contoured mid-face aesthetic can provide a significant boost in self-confidence about your overall appearance. You'll feel happier and more comfortable showcasing your beautiful new look.

Long-Lasting, Enduring Results
While dermal fillers offer a temporary solution, surgical fat transfer, and implant techniques can rejuvenate and augment the cheeks in a way that lasts for many years or even permanently.

Minimal Downtime
Many cheek augmentation options, like dermal fillers or certain types of fat transfer, are convenient in-office procedures or minimally invasive treatments requiring little to no extensive downtime for recovery.

Am I a Candidate for Treatment?

Most adults in generally good overall health who are bothered by deflated, sagging, or poorly defined cheeks can be excellent candidates for cheek augmentation and facial rejuvenation treatments, including those who:

  • Are self-conscious about flat, ill-defined, sunken, or poorly projected cheeks lacking youthful volume.
  • Wish to diminish, soften, minimize, or reduce the appearance of deep nasolabial folds, marionette lines, smile lines, or mid-face creases.
  • Desire to restore a fuller, smoother, natural-looking, and more youthful facial appearance.
  • Do not have any active mucosal infections or cysts, uncontrolled medical conditions, or contraindicating allergies.
  • Have reasonable expectations aligned with the capabilities and limitations of each specific technique.

State-of-the-Art Cheek Augmentation at Peak Life Health

At our clinic, we offer the latest innovations and most advanced techniques in cheek augmentation and comprehensive facial rejuvenation:

Cheek Augmentation Filler:

Dermal Fillers

Hyaluronic acid-based dermal filler products like those in the Juvederm Voluma line instantly restore smooth, natural-looking volume and re-sculpt the mid-face contours through strategic injection points mapped to your needs. 

Dermal fillers or cheek filler treatments are considered minimally invasive, do not involve much downtime, and significantly improve cheek rejuvenation. The effects usually last 12 to 24 months before additional treatments are needed to sustain the results.

Cheek Augmentation Surgery:

Autologous Surgical Fat Transfer 

This advanced multi-stage cheek augmentation surgery first involves gently harvesting fat cells from areas like the abdomen, flanks, or thighs using gentle liposuction techniques. The purified fat cells are then carefully reinjected with precise positioning, contouring, and shaping to re-volumize the cheeks, like a "facial fat transfer" or "fat grafting" procedure. This procedure re-establishes a smooth, full, and lifted cheek appearance.

Since the transferred fat cells are your own living tissue, they can develop a permanent blood supply while naturally integrating with surrounding structures over time. For this reason, results from autologous fat transfer to the cheeks tend to be exceptionally long-lasting - often persisting for 3-6 years or longer before any potential need for minor retreatment or touch-ups.

Cheek Implants

For patients needing significant, enduring midface augmentation and rejuvenation, we offer surgical placement of solid silicone rubber or porous polyethylene implants customized to your specific needs. These biocompatible implant materials have an excellent safety profile, backed by decades of use in cosmetic and reconstructive surgery.

The implants are precisely shaped, sized, and contoured to suit your unique facial anatomical needs to augment cheek volume, projection, and definition. During an outpatient procedure, the customized implants are surgically positioned through discrete intra-oral incisions to avoid any visible external scars. 

When properly positioned by our cosmetic surgeons, cheek implants offer both gorgeous, natural-looking sculpting and contouring that is intended to produce long-lasting results and permanent volumetric enhancement.

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  • No downtime. Procedure takes 10 - 30 minutes.
  • Minimal discomfort. Numbing is provided if needed or requested.
  • Results are visible immediately. Some procedures based on complexity may take 2 - 6 weeks for full enhancement to show.
  • To maintain the look revisit 1 - 2 years or as needed.


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